SSWMB MD visits SITE Association - Dr. A. D. Sajnani





The following were present in the meeting.


       i.          Dr. A. D. Sajnani                        Managing Director, SSWMB

      ii.          Mr. Anis Ahmed Dasti                  Director Operations, SSWMB 

    iii.          Mr. Muhammad Irshad                Deputy Director (West), SSWMB

    iv.          Mr. Khalid Aftab                          Assistant Director (West), SSWMB

     v.          Mr. Farhan Lodhi                         Representative of Hangzhou Jinjiang Group

   vi.          Mr. Syed Imdad Ali Shah           Managing Director, SITE Limited  

  vii.          Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Chandio        Secretary, SITE LIMITED

 viii.          Mr. Nazar Jatoi                           Estate Engineer B&R, SITE Limited  

   ix.          Mr. Saleem Parekh                    President, SITE Association

     x.          Mr. Ahsan Arshad Ayub               SVP, SITE Association

    xi.          Mr. Naveed Wahid                      VP, SITE Association

  xii.          Mr. Saleem Nagaria                    Ex-VP, SITE Association

 xiii.          Mr. Abdul Hadi                            Chairman, Law & Order, SITE Association


The meeting started with recitation from the Holy Quran.


Mr.Saleem Parekh welcomed the honourable Guests and informed that the meeting has been convened to discuss single point agenda of solid waste lifting from SITE area. He informed that in the past many meetings were held with SSWMB and its Chinese Contractor Company HANGZHOU JINJIANG on 4th August, 23rd October and 20th December 2018 respectively but the outcome is still not satisfactory. Heaps of Industrial Waste & domestic garbage are increasing day by day as there is no system to lift the garbage on regular basis.  


Mr.Parekh stated that as per fair estimate, 400 tons solid waste is generated on daily basis from SITE area including domestic waste and stressed that there must be a system for its proper disposal. He added that SITE Limited can hardly manage to lift 200 tons solid waste from SITE area for dumping at GTS. He informed the Chief Guest that the Managing Director of SITE Limited has also been specially invited to attend today’s meeting in view of its importance.


He also informed about the poor performance of Chinese company engaged by SSWMB for garbage lifting from the area. Mr.Faisal Rehman was focal person of the Chinese company who was provided free of cost use of SITE Association plot in good faith just to facilitate garbage lifting from the area but unfortunately, there was no significant improvement in area condition as garbage continues to accumulate everywhere.


The stakeholders SSWMB, SITE Limited and SITE Association had detailed discussion over garbage lifting and many related issues which are as under.  


1.      Volume of solid waste in SITE area comprises both domestic and industrial waste. Dr.Sajnani confirmed from his staff that very little volume is received from SITE Limited at the landfill site.


2.      SSWMB is fully aware about nature and volume of industrial waste from industrial areas of Karachi. An study of 6 industrial areas of Karachi namely SITE, Korangi, Landhi, F.B.Area, North Karachi and Super Highway has already been conducted by SSWMB through hiring an independent firm and as such, SSWMB have complete data of solid waste generated in these areas which is very fairly authentic.


3.      Disposal of industrial waste is totally different from domestic garbage. Industrial waste comprises a certain percentage of toxic, non-toxic and hazardous waste (about 40-50 ton) which require special handling, transportation and land arrangements. This waste require incineration, detoxification or controlled landfilling. It cannot be mixed with domestic waste in anyway. Dr.Sajnani stated that SSWMB doesn’t not allow dumping of industrial waste at its landfill site which is currently, being disposed off in dark at different places in an unauthorized way. Mr.Farhan added that at 18 collection points in SITE industrial area, where solid waste of mixed nature is dumped by industries.


4.      Designated GTS for SITE domestic waste is ‘Qasba & Baldia’. There are 23 domestic garbage dumping points in the vicinity of SITE which should be lifted by town administration. From this point forward, it is the responsibility of SSWMB to bring them at landfill site for proper disposal in an environment friendly manner.


5.      Dr.Sajnani proposed that to control the issue of garbage dumping in front of someone’s factory by other persons, it is better to keep containers of approx.600 liter capacity inside the factory and keep the street and outside area clean. In the absence of any dumping point, it will be difficult for other persons to throw waste in front of any factory. He said that this system is working successfully in many countries. The President SITE agreed to the proposal and suggested that instead of switching over entire area on this new system, it will be better to first launch it on a model area. SITE Association will  identify the model area to start the service. In the first place, SSWMB will send a concept paper about how this system will operate and from where and at what cost, containers can be purchased.


6.      President SITE Association requested to clear the present junk at GTC College (Koyla Kanta street) which has not been lifted since January-2019, to which, Dr.Sajnani agreed. Estimated 1500 tons is to be lifted and need approx. 300 vehicles (average 5-tons per vehicle lifting). Dr.Sajnani assured to work out plan for this.


7.      Members were informed that from GTS to Landfill site another contractor has been engaged by SSWMB who is also not lifting garbage from GTS. HANGZHOU JINJIANG is also the contractor of SSWMB and paid on per ton of garbage lifted basis.


Notes recorded by:

Muhammad Faheem
Deputy Secretary