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On the invitation of President SITE Association of Industry Mr. Saleem Parekh, Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Baloch, Sindh Minister for Labor & Human Resources visited the Association’s Secretariat on Thursday, 06th of December, 2018 at 03:30 p.m. to discuss labor related laws and other relevant issues.  The meeting was attended by large number of industrialists. Following were prominent:


1.               Mr. Saleem Parekh, President, SITE Association of Industry

2.               Mr. Naveed Wahid, Vice President

3.               Mr. Touseef Ahmed, Chairman EOBI, SESSI & Labor-Related Levies Sub-Committee

4.               Mr. M. Zubair Motiwala, Former President, KCCI and Former Chairman, SITE Association

5.               Mr. M. Jawed Bilwani, Immediate Past President, SITE Association of Industry

6.               Mr. Younus M. Bashir, Former President, KCCI and Former Chairman, SITE Association

7.               Mr. Abdul Rasheed Solangi, Secretary, Labour & HR Department, Sindh

8.               Mr. Kashif Gulzar, Commissioner, SESSI, Karachi.

9.               Mr. Rahu Poto, Secretary Sindh Workers Welfare Board

10.            Mr. Saeed Saleh Jumani, Director Labor Sindh

11.            Mr. Sarfraz Awan, Joint Director Labor-1

12.            Mr. Makhdoom Taufeeq, Joint Director Labor-2


Mr. Farhan Ashrafi, Mr. Haris Shakoor, Mr. Sanaullah Abdullah, Mr. Saud Mahmood, Mr. Abdul Rasheed, Mr. Saleem Nagaria, Mr. Suleman Chawla, and large number of industrialists attended the meeting.


Mr. Saleem Parekh presented traditional Sindhi Topi & Ajrak to Mr. Ghulam Murtza Baloch, Sindh Minister for Labor & Human Resources and Mr. Abdul Rasheed Solangi, Secretary, Labor & HR Department, Sindh.


The meeting commenced with recitation from the Holy Quran by Mr. Zubair Motiwala. 


Mr. Touseef Ahmed, Chairman EOBI, SESSI & Labour-Related Levies Sub-Committee thanked Provincial Minister and his team for visiting the Association’s Secretariat to resolve the problems being faced by the industrialists of SITE area. He also thanked the participants of the meeting.


In his welcome address, Mr. Touseef Ahmed drew attention of Minister, towards following issues:


(i)               Inclusion of SITE Association representative in the Governing Bodies of SESSI, EOBI, Sindh Workers Welfare Board.

(ii)              Factories inspection by the officials of the Labor department and SESSI should be conducted only once in a year.

(iii)            In case of issuance of any notice for inspection from the concerned government departments, SITE Association should also be intimated through an endorsed copy.

(iv)            Combined Annual Inspection of the factories should be conducted instead of separate inspections by different governmental agencies in regard to factory safety and Factory Act etc.

(v)             Office timing should be increased for collection of subscription charges


Association’s President, Mr. Saleem Parekh welcoming Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Baloch suggested few steps to be taken by Sindh Labor & Human Resource Ministry.

1.               Handing over of Kulsoom Bai Valika Hospital to SITE Association for better treatment

2.               Improvement in medical facilities at Kulsoom Bai Valika Hospital

3.               Provision of Ambulance and Fire Tender to SITE Association of Industry

4.               Providing budget reports of EOBI and SESSI to the SITE Association to verify the expenses

5.               Amnesty Scheme to resolve issues of SESSI

6.               One window operation

7.               Labor Colony in SITE industrial area

8.               Status of 1008 flats constructed for labor in Gulshan-e-Maymar

9.               Establishment of Joint Committee including SITE Association of Industry and Secretary Labor for resolving amicably all issues affecting industries.


Mr. Saleem Parekh also gave a presentation on the pathetic conditions of roads, infrastructure and cleaning issues in SITE industrial area.


In the end he hoped that all highlighted issues would be resolved by the Provincial Minister and his team would implement the instructions in their true letter and spirit. He thanked all the participants who grace the event with their presence.


Mr. M. Jawed Bilwani, immediate past President, SITE Association said that the exporters are facing difficulties in compliance of the complicated labour laws. He, therefore, demanded for resolving all labor issues in consultation with the industrialists. He specifically raised the following demands before the Provincial Minister for his immediate recommendations and kind orders:


(i)         Request for Grant of Funds to Purchase 12 Trucks Mounted Sewer Suction Machines For Handling of Sewerage in Industrial Zones of Karachi.

(ii)        Establishment of “Karachi Fire, Rescue & Emergency Planning Authority”  

(iii)       Allocation of Funds in the Budget for Repair of Roads, Culverts and Naalas in SITE Industrial Estate.


Mr. Younus M. Bashir, former President, KCCI and former Chairman, SITE Association of Industry informed that industrialists of Karachi have to deal with 27 departments. He demanded simplification of SESSI & EOBI’s policies for smooth operation of the industries. He also complained that the functioning of fire brigade station in SITE is not being improved. Fire Brigade Vehicles are not being increased. According to him, Fire Brigade Station in SITE charges heavy fees for calling them in case of any fire incident.


He urged the Provincial Minister to extend full cooperation to the industry and bring drastic changes in the audit system of various provincial government agencies.


Mr. M. Zubair Motiwala, former President, KCCI and former Chairman, SITE Association stated that Labor Department is responsible to promote industrialization and industrial peace as well as observance of labor laws and rules. It is mandated to promote investment and employment in the province.  It is also responsible for the welfare of working labor force and enhancement of its capacity through training and development. According to Mr. Motiwala, for achievement of its vision and mission, the Labor Department must endeavour to provide basic necessities to the industries such as water, sui gas and electricity on priority basis in coordination with the concerned governmental agencies. 


Mr. Motiwala said that what we are asking is to provide conducive environment and industrialists could increase exports and provide more job opportunities. He urged the Minister to use his good office to propagate and advocate the case of industrialists to other ministries and as well at all other related forums.


Mr. Motiwala also complained about SESSI’s procedures to conduct audit and inspection of the factories in an arbitrary manner.


Mr. Abdul Rasheed Solangi, Secretary Labor & Human Resources replying to the issues of audience informed:

·        With regard to Kulsoom Bai Valika Hospital upgradation and better medical facility he informed that after taking charge of the Ministry Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Baloch has revamped the hospital facilities which include, working of lift which is now operational, providing CT scan facility which will be provided very soon, food menu of the hospital has been changed and now daily chicken and meat are also available.

·        He also informed that very soon this hospital would provide best medical facilities which can be compared to any private hospital.

·        He also assured that one Fire Tender and one Ambulance would be provided to SITE Association.

·        With regard to SESSI and EOBI Audit, Secretary informed that it would be done once in a year and this information would be shared with SITE Association of Industry.

·        With regard to Labor colony in SITE he said that this colony comes under the Ministry of Industries and he would write the concerns of industrialists to the relevant ministry and SITE Association of Industry.


Mr. Kashif Gulzar, Commissioner, SESSI, taking part in the discussion informed that all the points have been covered by the Secretary Labor, he just want to add 2 points:

·        Neuro Surgey ward and Cardio & Chest diseases ward would soon be operation at Kulsoom Bai Valika Hospital with all the relevant testing facilities.

·        SESSI is also working on the issuance of Smart Cards to all the registered workers to facilitate them medical and reimbursement issues. In this regard SESSI is already in close liaison with NADRA and international reputed company.


Mr. Ghulam Murtza Baloch, Sindh Minister for Labor & Human Resources thanked all the participants of the meeting. He informed that after taking charge of the Ministry this is his first visit to any industrial estate. He said that he also belongs to this city and the difficulties labor are facing he can feel that. That is why first of all he visited the Valika and Landhi hospitals and within 2 months the conditions of hospitals have been changed, cleaning and renovation has been done, while ICU and lab facilities have been provided at Landhi hospital. Moreover, CT Scan, ICU and lab facilities would be provided at Valika hospital.


He also informed that all the medical facilities expenses are covered through the contributions of workers. He has approached the Sindh Cabinet to provide NICVD facilities at both hospital and he is optimistic that very soon both hospital would be equipped with NICVD facility.


He added that with the help of Darul Sehat and Hamdard 2 medical hospitals establishment are underway and is of the view that 25 seats would be given to children of workers on a nominal fee of 25% so that workers children could become the part of the system.


Afterwards, Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Baloch responded to the issues raised during the meeting:


1.               He would use his office to propagate and advocate other relevant ministries to provide better infrastructure and cleaning facilities in the area.


2.               He has already taken up the matter of 1008 flats for labor and due to utilities connections allocation of flats have not been made, but he promised that the problem would be resolved shortly and SITE Association would also be updated in this regard.


3.               With regard to audit complaints he agree with the views of participants and instructed the relevant department to make sure that survey would be conducted once in year and any notices issued u/s 81 be immediately be waived. He also instructed concerned departments to take SITE Association on board before issuing any notice to the industries.


4.               With regard to the complaint of Mr. Kashif Mukhtar he instructed Mr. Sarfraz Awan for settlement of the issue.


5.               For fire-fighting tender and equipment he informed that he has already asked the Secretary Labor to prepare a summary for onward submission to the Chief Minister of Sindh.


6.               He instructed Commissioner SESSI to immediately provide an Ambulance to the SITE Association.

7.               He also announced the establishment of Tripartite Committee including 3 nominations each from Labor & Human Resource and SITE Association of Industry to resolve:


a.     Audit once in a year

b.     Inclusion of SITE Association’s representative on the Board of Governors

c.     Setting up the modalities of Amnesty Scheme for SESSI and EOBI


8.               With regard to timing of fee and subscription collection he instructed the concerned officers to amend the time from 9 am to 5 pm.


Minister assured an early establishment of Karachi Fire, Rescue and Emergency Planning Authority. He was optimistic that all issues of SITE industrialists would be settled amicably in consultation with SITE Association of Industry and his Ministry and Sindh government would try their best to facilitate the business community. 


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Naveed Wahid presented the vote of thanks and Mr. Saleem Parekh presented crest to Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Baloch and bouquets to Mr. Abdul Rasheed Solangi, Secretary, Labour & HR Department; Mr. Kashif Gulzar, Commissioner, SESSI; and Mr. Rahu Poto, Secretary Sindh Workers Welfare Board.




Secretary General


Karachi:  07-12-2018