PRESS RELEASE – 4th October, 2018

Reconstruction of Manghopir Road

to be completed in 3 months – Governor Sindh


“Karachi is listed among top priority of the PTI Government. Karachiites have given mandate to PTI by supporting 14 candidates to win National Assembly seats. As committed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the federal government funded projects which included Seawater desalination plant, green bus metro project, TP-4 water treatment plant, widening of Northern bypass and re-enforcement of Lyari Expressway for heavy traffic, shall be executed through Karachi Infrastructure Development Company Ltd.”


This was stated by Governor Sindh Mr.Imran Ismail while addressing industrialists of SITE industrial area at the SITE Association’s office (4-10-18).


Following the meeting, the Governor inaugurated the Reconstruction work of Manghopir Road which will be completed in record time of 3 months.


Governor Sindh announced that “Government-Citizens Liaison Committee (GCLC)” will be formed having representatives of Industrialists to resolve their problems and issues related to federal Ministries and authorities. Setting up this Cell at Governor House will save the industrialists from visiting Islamabad for getting small jobs done and will ultimately improve the working efficiency of federal bureaucracy. He also sought proposals of the business & industrial community in respect to composition and TORs of GCLC.


He also promised to talk to Prime Minister for immediate execution of construction work of Combined Effluent Treatment Plants in Karachi. The industries will also get recycled water from TP-4 treatment plant. He also promised that all the ditches & patches of main roads in SITE Area shall be repaired sooner on priority.


On suggestion of Zubair Motiwala to provide funds worth 50 crore for the infrastructure uplift in SITE area, the Governor said that it is the responsibility of the provincial and local government to construct & repair all the roads. Let the government functionaries do their job as it is not the job of industrialist to carry out development projects.


Replying to the demand of Jawed Bilwani, the Governor stated that the Federal Government is funding to revamp the Karachi Fire Brigade and agreed to provide Fire Tenders to SITE Association for quicker action in the incidents of fire eruption in SITE Area.


Responding to the concerns of Siraj Kassam Teli, Leader & Patron-in-Chief of SITE Association, regarding issuance of Notices to industrialists by FIA, Governor Sindh stated that FIA has not been given any new authority or powers. The current notices have been issued to persons having undeclared properties in UAE and who have not paid their tax liabilities. The government will never harass or penalize the legitimate taxpayers. 


Earlier, Mr.Jawed Bilwani, Immediate Past President of SITE Association of Industry, in his welcome address highlighted key issues facing the SITE industrial area. He said that SITE Association holds the privilege and honour of the industry whose foundation was laid by the great Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan who performed the foundation stone of the first Textile Mill M/s. Valika Textile Mills on 26th September 1947.


He said that Infrastructure in SITE Industrial Area is in very poor condition and need rehabilitation. SITE Area requires carpeting of roads, installation of street lights and improvement of green belts and pavements. He highlighted two traffic bottlenecks in SITE industrial area, causing major traffic jams in the area. One is at ICI Bridge entrance / Queens Road and the other one is at Habib Bank bridge Nazimabad near Salika Sewing Machine Co. (Orangi Nallah) and requested immediate resolution of the same. He proposed that E-Ticketing or some electronic solution for tax collection at Lyari Express should be introduced for speedy collection of toll taxes and to save time & fuel.


The Karachi Metrobus project was inaugurated on 25 February 2016 and was scheduled to begin operation by February 2017. Green Line bus project is expected to be completed in next few months. To facilitate workforce of SITE Industrial Area, feeder buses should be included in the project to connect SITE Industrial Area with the Metro Bus and Green Lines.


Mr.Bilwani further said that with the closure of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), Karachiites were deprived of the most safest and economical way of traveling to the SITE Industrial Area all over Karachi. KCR had 04 Railway stations in the SITE area.  This project is of public interest and direly needed, hence, the Federal Govt should also play its role in revamping KCR.


Karachi is the port city and hub of commercial activities. Karachi Seaport having three terminals: PICT, KICT & SAPT are located within the Karachi City. These three container terminals have currently no direct connectivity with the Highways going to upcountry for vice versa. Currently, the heaving traffic and containers are passed through the city causing severe traffic and other problems.


The Federal Government has approved funds for the setting up of 05 Combined Effluent Treatment Plants in Industrial zones of Karachi. The Sindh Government has also allocated and approved funds. Due to environment and compliance issues, construction work of CETPs should immediately be executed.


He suggested that water recycling plant should be installed at TP-1 and TP-2 treatment plants to provide recycled water to SITE industries for industrial process which will help in meeting water requirement of the Area to some extent.


He requested the Governor for allocation of some funds for establishment of SITE Industrial Centre for conducting Seminars / Events, holding Exhibitions and Emergency Rescue Centre.


He said that Karachi Fire Brigade Department also requires immediate revamping and up gradation. The SITE Fire Station also lacks proper infrastructure and equipments. We propose that Fire Tenders or funds for the purchase of fire tenders should be provided to SITE Association of Industry. The Association will manage it and ensure effective working of the system which will save industries from big losses due to fire eruption incidents.


Speaking on the occasion, former President of SITE Association Zubair Motiwala said that the burning issues are supply of water and removal of solid waste which can been seen at every nook & corner of the city. He requested the Governor for amendment in the Sindh Environmental Laws to incorporate the Combined Effluent Treatment Plants under provincial control. He lamented that SRB generates 91 pc revenue from Karachi but Sindh government spends nothing on development of city’s infrastructure.


Leader & Patron-in-Chief of SITE Siraj Kassam Teli, speaking on the occasion said that FIA has been issuing notices to industrialists which is causing harassment. He also highlighted other issues and problems faced by industrialists of SITE Area. He demanded that genuine industrialists who are taxpayers should be harassed through misuse of powers by government authorities.  


Acting President Naveed Wahid thanked the Chief Guest for sparing time from his busy schedule to visit SITE Association and listen to the grievances of industrialists.



Dr.Syed Azhar Ibne Hasan

Secretary General