DIG Traffic Javed Ali Mehar visits SITE Association - Visit of DIG Traffic

Notes of Meeting with DIG Traffic Karachi Mr.Javed Ali Mehar

held at SITE Association on 17th Jan 2019 (Thursday)


The following representatives were present in the meeting.




Mr. Saleem Parekh (President)

Mr. Javed Ali Mehar (DIG Traffic)

Mr. Ahsan Arshad Ayub (SVP)

Dr. Najeeb (SP Traffic)

Mr. Naveed Wahid (VP)

Mr. Saeed Arain (DSP operation & transp)

Mr. Muhammad Jawed Bilwani 

Mr. Jan Khan Niazi (DSP/SDPO SITE West)

Mr. Abdul Hadi

Mr. Dilawar Hussain

Mr. Abdul Rasheed


Mr. Saleem Nagaria

Dr. Syed Azhar Ibne Hasan

Mr. M. Farhan Ashrafi

Mr. Muhammad Faheem

Mr. Harris Shakoor

Mr. Farhan Siddiqui


The meeting started with recitation from the Holy Quran. President SITE Association welcomed the Chief Guest and his associates and drew his attention towards the traffic related issues and requested him to voice them in the meetings with government high officials.


The following matters were discussed and decisions taken the meeting.


1)     Widening of Orangi Nala Bridge came under discussion. Mr.Abdul Hadi, Chairman, Law & Order Sub-Committee of the Association, stated that due to insufficient space, traffic remains jammed in morning & evening rush hours which not only cause immense difficulties to the peoples in loss of valuable time & fuel but it also a cause of mobile snatching and even loss of precious lives. PC-1 of this project has been made and budget has also been allocated by Sindh government. We request that this project be completed on top urgent basis. The DIG assured his full support and cooperation in this matter.


2)     While discussing Traffic Jam at Afza Flyover due to vehicle faults, it was decided that a Lifter shall be made available right under the Flyover at 4:30 p.m. daily so that in case of vehicle faults, the faulty vehicle can be removed to continue smooth flow of traffic. SITE Members greatly appreciated the quick action taken by the DIG Traffic. 


3)     Mr.Saleem Parekh lauded the good behavior of Traffic Police officials and said we should encourage such officials as it is a notable change in the Traffic Police department.


4)     Chairman of Law & Order Sub-Committee Mr.Abdul Hadi highlighted specific traffic related issues. He mentioned that users coming on the wrong side while going from Shershah to Gulbai should be taken seriously and highlighted on media. Mr.Jawed Bilwani added that wrong side users and push cart vendors cover almost 70pc road area, thereby leaving very small space for vehicles to play and suggested to put concrete barriers & tie ribbons to keep them within limits. DIG Traffic announced zero tolerance for this violation and instructed his staff to take action from Monday next (21/1/19).


5)     Traffic problem ICI Bridge to Jinnah Flyover (China bridge) was highlighted. To overcome the problem, it was suggested to install Height barriers. It was also mentioned that there is a sharp curve at the bridge due to which, many fatal accidents have taken place. Cat-eyes / studs were put there by such a victim on humanitarian grounds but unfortunately almost 50pc studs are not present. DIG Traffic informed the Members that a sum of PKR 500,000/- is required to resolve this problem which will save precious lives of workers and bridge users. Mr.Saleem Parekh assured to arrange this sum through Member organizations of SITE Association.


6)     Mr.Jawed Bilwani mentioned Loose Expansion Joints of Jinnah Flyover due to which, vehicles ply slow causing noise. DIG Traffic asked to send photos of this point so as to take up the matter with NHA.


7)     Mr.Abdul Hadi highlighted 10 Traffic congestion points in SITE Area which need immediate attention of Traffic Police and briefed the DIG Traffic with the help of pictures. These points included: 


                                          i.     Afza flyover to Nazimabad

                                         ii.     Baldia No.2       

                                       iii.     Shershah

                                       iv.     Paracha Chowk

                                        v.     Gulbai

                                       vi.     Khizer Hayat

                                     vii.     Labour Sq. to Rasheedabad

                                    viii.     Bada Board       

                                       ix.     Haroonabad      

                                        x.     SITE Police Station ‘A’

                                       xi.     CBM Plastic      

                                     xii.     Rasheedabad

                                    xiii.     ICI Bridge


8)     He further said that Unauthorized truck stands, bus stands and rickshaw stands at the corners of main roads creates bottleneck for smooth traffic flow and suggested that two big size open plots owned by SESSI and another organization can be used as parking stand.


9)     It was general consensus of the Members that traffic police working & efficiently is notable increasing while some areas still need attention. They were of the view that waste of time & fuel in the evening rush hours due to traffic jam should be taken very seriously and action should be taken on top priority basis.


10)  Mr.Abdul Hadi informed that a 3-day Camp for issuance of Learner’s Driving License was scheduled to be held at SITE Association of Industry in the months of November 2018 in collaboration with Driving License Branch which was cancelled due to sudden engagement in another event.  DIG Traffic stated that he will look into it and arrange DL Camp as soon as possible.


11)  It was requested to allow 6-Wheeler to ply in SITE Area (5-8 p.m. not allowed) so as to ease traffic congestion problem.


12)  Mr.Jawed Bilwani stated that only License holders should be allowed to drive vehicles and the matter should be publicized thorugh media. He also suggested that Cabin colour of within city and upcountry vehicles should be different for easy identification, to which, the DIG Traffic agreed.


On the recommendation of Law & Order Sub-Committee, DIG Traffic awarded Appreciation Letters to Section Officers deputed in SITE Area for traffic management.


As a token of goodwill, Association’s Crest was presented to the Chief Guest Mr.Javed Ali Mehar. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks.



Muhammad Faheem

Deputy Secretary

SITE Association of Industry