S.I.T.E.  Industrial Estate, Karachi


S.I.T.E. Industrial Estate was established in 1947 in order to promote industrialization.  The object was to establish planned industrial area where industrialists could have all the facilities such as land, road, railway, water supply, electricity, gas, telephone, godowns, sanitation, drainage, and other necessary public amenities.  These facilities were designed to create an industrial environment congenial for intending industrialists.  S.I.T.E. Estate is the largest and oldest designated industrial area having more than 3,500 industrial units.


S.I.T.E.  Association of Industry – Karachi, is an organized town association to represent trade, industry or service in S.I.T.E. industrial estate where more than 3,500 factories are located including export-oriented industries employing a large workforce.



To deal with the worsening law & order situation, S.I.T.E. Association of Industry after deciding unanimously had established its own S.I.T.E. Self-Security System for which each member contributes monthly charges and one-time fixed infrastructure charges as per size of their respective plots. Under the S.I.T.E. Self-Security System, most of the work for installation of CCTV Cameras in S.I.T.E. area has been completed.  Under the S.I.T.E. Self-Security System, the work of construction of picquets, watch towers and security walls has almost been completed in S.I.T.E. area. Further, private security guards mostly retired from Pak Rangers have also been deployed to maintain law & order situation equipped with the mobile vans and motorcycles for patrolling in the S.I.T.E. Industrial area.


S.I.T.E. Crime Monitoring Cell: 

S.I.T.E. Crime Monitoring Cell is also actively functioning to combat crimes in SITE industrial area through a Command & Control Room located at the Association’s premises.  This Cell is equipped with wireless system, CCTV Cameras, police mobile vans and well-trained police officials to watch and control the crime in the area.  Further, traffic police officials are also posted at SCMC to control crime in case of traffic jams.  SCMC has also the data pertaining to street crime such as theft/snatching of mobile phones, cash, loaded vehicles, motorcycles as well as vehicles etc.


SUB-COMMITTEES (2017-2018)

Sub Committees 2017-18