Integrity :

At Divine Technologies we solely attribute one factor as the source of our success in delivering Innovative solutions to our customers, Focus whilst providing customized solutions to our valuable clients, We have always conscientiously maintained and developed our expertise in certain domains and industries. Providing each interaction of ours with our clients as an win-win scenario, where instead of being a project, Each implementation serves as a source of adding additional functionality to our products. We now boast of nearly 5 plus implementations for each of our 5 core applications and the Numbers have nearly doubled over the last one year. Over the year this products portfolio has grown beyond the basic inventory, sales, payroll and financial.

Valuing the Client :

A person that Divine Technologies clientele will never be referred to as 'customers'. This implies that the person is simply buying something from us and the transaction is over. The people we service will always be referred to as 'clients'. This implies that the client and Divine Technologies are in a working partnership together, each providing the other with something they need.

The clients that Divine Technologies already has will always be more important than the clients Divine Technologies does not have yet. Current clients pay the bills and send us more clients.

Client Enthusiasm :

Divine Technologies will dedicate itself to offering services that create enthusiastic clients who would not think of using another service, or referring friends to another service.

Continuous Improvement :

Divine Technologies will continually review its services to determine what the clients wants and needs are, and how we can better meet those needs by adding or removing services and features from our offerings.