About us

Divine Technologies is a Growing Website Designing & Software Development Company, based in Pakistan, that has designed and developed powerful products for an extensive range of clients. Divine Technologies is one of the growing Web solutions Provider Company, located in Rawalpindi, Okara and Karachi, Pakistan. The company started providing its services to the customers in 2013. We provide total Security Solutions,Web solutions, which include Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Web Designing, Web Development,CCTV Security Cameras,Complete Security Solutions,Software Development,Multimedia/Flash Presentations & E-Marketing projects.

Vision Statement :

Divine Technologies vision is to start a revolution in the Web industry, with honesty to its clients at all times, unparalleled personal support including free features that other companies provide at an extra charge.Divine Technologies strives to earn its clients' loyalty with a commitment to personal service, an effort to exceed expectations, and tireless dedication to doing it better.

Mission Statement :

Divine Technologies will make its vision a reality in these ways:

  • Divine Technologies will always value its client base and recognize that without them, the company would not survive. The client will always come first.
  • Divine Technologies will be open to bartering services in order to grow and to help other small businesses grow as well.
  • Divine Technologies will seek guidance from its client base by asking clients to review services, features, customer support and other issues to find where improvement is needed.