Pros Entrepreneur

A new special visitor category has been introduced to enable individuals to come to the UK to secure funding in order to run a business in the UK with a view to meeting the financial criteria under Entrepreneur route within 6 months.
Here at Dee Legal we can help you get a Pros Entrepreneur Visa. We will arrange your application from start to finish, ensuring that it's done right the first time.


Specific Criteria

A Pros Entrepreneur must:

  • be primarily seeking entry as a Pros Entrepreneur for less than 6 months, to secure funding in order to join, set up or take over and be actively involved in the running of a business in the UK.
  • intend to leave the United Kingdom after the 6 months period if you are not able to meet the requirements for an extension of stay through switching into the Entrepreneur route.
  • provide an original, signed letter on headed paper supporting the application from one or more FSA registered Venture Capitalists, one or more Government Departments or one or more UKTI endorsed entrepreneurial seed funding competitions, which must include the information specified in this guidance.
  • maintain and accommodate yourself for the duration of your stay in the UK without recourse to public funds

What we can do for you:
In order to complete your Pros Entrepreneur Visa application we'll take care of it:

  1. A processing of detailed assessment of your circumstances.
  2. Processing of pre-application.
  3. Processing completion of your Pros Entrepreneur Visa application
  4. Processing of your Pros Entrepreneur Visa application
  5. Contact you with the confirmation of your Pros Entrepreneur Visa

Once in the UK:

  • A Prospective Entrepreneur Visa is initially granted for 6 months. If you meet the Entrepreneur requirements you may then apply to switch into the Entrepreneur category within 6 months, otherwise you will be permitted to leave the UK
  • After this time you may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) for more permanent residency in the UK