Welcome To Dee Group

  • About Dee Group

    Dee group is Central London based fastest growing group providing one window service to entrepreneurs and investors to invest in UK. We arrange from opening of bank account to buying of properties on mortgage, investing in businesses and arrange immigration. Some of the highlights are:

  • Invest upto 40% and own a property in the UK. Or invest £100,000 in business and migrate with family to UK.

    Dee arranges property buying from: a) Repossessed Properties b) Property Auctioneers c) CASH buying d) Off the shelf properties

    Dee arranges mortgage and remortgages. Investing and reinvesting in properties

    Dee develop new builds & Renovate properties. Dee do loft conversion, side and back extensions.

    Dee identifies and draw business plan for investing in commercial properties.

    Dee indentifies investment opportunities in business and commercials from franchising to new establishments.

    Excellent Return on investment & Guaranteed Rental Returns.

    Economic Stability, Growing Economy, Consistency in policies

    Transparency and investment security from Mortgage financing to Property Management.

    Robust Property Projection of Olympics 2012